Duvets Cœur de France, it is above all a family history.

This is the story of two brothers, Louis and Michel ALTEMAIRE.

A future already mapped out in childhood

It was at the age of 13 and 10 years old that Louis and Michel fell into the feather. While their classmates were playing children’s games, they had fun sorting by hand, feather by feather, bags full of goods.

Indeed, in the 50’s / 60’s their father, Georges ALTEMAIRE, bought new feathers in the South West poultry farms of France. Everything was mixed and wet. They therefore armed themselves with patience and withdrew one by one the large feathers to enhance the goods, which were then dried in the sun and then sold to French wholesalers.

The beginning of a long way in the world of the feather path they have never left …

In 1968, their father created an establishment in the North East of France in collaboration with a feathers and duvets factory located in the Centre region. He then equipped himself with two sorting machines and was directed toward new and recycled (the “couché” as they say in the jargon of Feather).

Louis and Michel joined their father and learned the art of the feather until they flew out on their own after the death of their father.

Michel continued the work of his father, while Louis decided in 1981 to take over a feathers company in the Tarn-et-Garonne. He concentrated towards the New and investing in two dryers, two steamers and two sorting machines.

In 1985, Michel also launched and created his company in central France.

A major turning point

In 1987, Louis joined his brother in the center. They became partners and created their first company together. They built the first buildings of their factory on an area of 900 m². It is with a mixer and two sorting machines that they began to make a name in the market for Feathers and Downs.

This was the beginning of a beautiful ascent for the ALTEMAIRE brothers.

They focused from the start on the bench press. Their intuition had not deceived them.

Indeed, in 1995, they were already equipped with several sorting machines and sterilization lines. Their factory covered an area of 3500 m².

In 2004, their company changed its name to Duvets Cœur de France.

Round 3

The year 2016 will mark a new turn with the arrival of a new manager.

The descendants of Louis and Michel are now complete to continue this success story. With years of experience in this industry and from additional courses, they write the present and the future in order to adapt industrial plant market conditions and to respond accurately to customer needs.